Were you offered under a hundred dollars for an injury that occurred on a friend's property? If you were denied after asking for more money, do not accept such a small amount of money simply because the homeowner is your friend. If you have presented documents proving that you need more money for treatment and were still denied, hiring an attorney is the next thing to do. Just because you are taking legal action, it does not mean that your friendship has to end. An attorney can work the case in the most cordial manner possible in an attempt to save the friendship while helping you get justice.

Evidence Will Prove Your Claim

If your friend thinks that you are trying to get money from them that is not deserved, an attorney can do the talking. They can explain how serious your injury is, as well as prove where the money will be spent. For example, they can show your friend the medical documents that have details of the treatment that is required for you to heal. If you have missed work due to the injury, an attorney can also prove that you deserve compensation for the loss of income during that time. The evidence that an attorney can gather will be solid and difficult for the other party to contest.

Mediation Can Be Attempted

An attorney will understand that although you are taking legal action, you would like to maintain your friendship. The most cordial way to settle such a dispute is to nicely talk about your situation with the other party, which is what an attorney is helpful for. An attorney can talk to your friend about attending a mediation session to discuss the incident. If your friend agrees to mediation, the attorney can speak to your friend on your behalf. They can also explain to you anything that your friend is concerned about and the best solution to resolve the issue.

Going to Court Is the Final Straw

If your friend does not agree to mediation, an attorney will have no other choice but to take the case to court. Even if your friend agrees to mediation and no resolution is reached, going to court will be the final straw. If going to court is necessary, you can count on the attorney to do the majority of the talking. It is also wise to have an attorney in case your friend decides to hire one as well.

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