Being involved in a trucking accident is sure to be a tough situation. The severity of the accident will dictate a number of your financial losses. Being hurt and unable to work can be financially devastating while the monthly bills are still coming. If you've been seriously injured, the medical bills can be extensive, and you may need money that you don't have. It may be in your best interest to take legal action against the other driver. By knowing ways to provide the necessary proof for your case during the discovery stage, this could be helpful to you.

Requests for admissions

You may need to either admit or deny certain parts of the case to allow for a shorter time in court if the case goes this far. This simply means looking at each statement and providing a truthful answer about whether these facts occurred or not.

Written interrogatories

You may be required to answer a series of questions about the truck accident. These could range from the extent of your injuries to the action date the collision occurred.

These are referred to as written interrogatories and typically are no more than 25 inquiries. It's important for your case to provide detailed and thorough responses to assist you in building a stronger case in court.

The deposition

You may need to meet with the other party's attorney and answer a series of questions that this legal expert will ask of you. This meeting is usually held in the lawyer's office, and you should be sure that your attorney is present with you.

One thing to keep in mind about the deposition is that you will be sworn in under oath. You must be truthful in your answers to any and all of the questions you're asked. Additionally, there will be a court reporter present that will transcribe the entire deposition, and this may be entered into a court of law.

Request for production documents

The time to provide written documentation of any of your losses or facts that indicate the other driver was at fault is during the request for production documents phase. If you have medical bills or a police report showing the other driver was at fault, you should enter this to assist your case.

Being in a trucking accident is not ideal and can wreak a great deal of havoc on your life. Be sure to consult with a trucking accident lawyer, like Teresa P Williams PA, to guide you through the legal process.