If you have been in a car accident and have visible injuries—such as bruises, cuts, scrapes or burns—then you should take lots of clear pictures of them after your accident and during the healing process. These are a few reasons why.

1. They May Be More Serious Than You Think

First of all, you might not feel as if your injuries are serious, but they could be more serious than you think. What looks like a simple bruise could be an indication of something else, for example. If you need medical treatment later, having pictures of your injuries from when they were fresh can help give your doctor a better idea of what is going on. Although it is always best to see a medical professional after an accident—even if it doesn't seem serious—the pictures can come in handy if you avoid seeing a doctor until later.

2. They'll Serve as Proof

If you're working with a personal injury lawyer on a claim because of your car accident, it will be helpful for you to have proof of your injuries. Along with giving your lawyer a better idea of what is going on, your pictures can also serve as proof if you find yourself in court for your accident.

3. They'll Help You Remember the Fuzzier Details

Even though you might think that you will never forget what happened on the day of your car accident, things can become a bit fuzzy over time. If you are going through the court system or are seeking a settlement, it can take months or even years for everything to be completely settled. As time goes on, the details about your accident and your injuries can become more and more fuzzy. This isn't a good thing because you might be asked a lot of questions, but looking at your pictures can help refresh your memory so that you can answer these questions as accurately as possible.

As you can see, it's never a bad idea for you to take pictures of your injuries after you have been in a car accident. Even taking pictures with your smartphone or tablet can work; just make sure that you save them online so that you will be able to access them whenever you need them. For other tips for handling things after an accident, contact a personal injury lawyer such as Kornfeld Robert B Inc PS.