If you've been injured in a car accident, you're most likely planning to head to court to recoup lost wages and be paid for medical costs as well as pain and suffering. In order to settle or win your lawsuit, the burden of proof lies with you to prove to the court that the other party is at fault and responsible. While your lawyer is there to help you, they will need information and evidence in order to build a strong case. Read on to find out what you'll need to help you win.

Photographic Evidence

Depending on the severity of the accident, if you're able to capture photos of the scene, you should do so. Take pictures of your car, the offending person's car, and even photos of yourself if you've been injured. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and a visual proof of what happened will really help the case. You should also try to capture pictures of any debris from the cars on the road as well as a good, distanced photo of the intersection or street.

Police Evidence

Always make sure the police are involved with any accident you get into. They can take a written report of what happened, as well as record the date and time as well as any particular factors like the weather conditions and the condition of the driver. A police report will also indicate if the other party has been charged with any offenses or given a ticket, which is absolutely helpful to you.

Witness Evidence

If others happened to see the accident occur, be sure to have them provide you with a written statement of what happened. Third parties often see things you might have missed, and they can help tell the story from an outsider's perspective. A witness testimony can be very helpful to show that the other driver was speeding, ran a red light, or did something else to cause the accident.

Paperwork Evidence

When it comes to getting paid for your injury case, you'll need to provide written proof of the damages. Make sure you provide all insurance related paperwork as well as any repair costs you end up with. Include all medical bills and a written diagnosis from your doctor to show the court what the severity of your injuries are. If you've missed work, include this information also. Anything you have on paper that indicates you've lost money or had to pay money out of pocket will help you recoup those lost funds.

If you've been injured in an accident, take the time to collect any of the above information and details. Be sure to contact a local attorney, such as Richard Glazer Law Office, to discuss the details of your case and put this evidence to use.