Nobody likes riding on public transit, but sometimes it can be the most convenient option to get you where you need to be. However, this wonder of modern engineering can become a nightmare if it causes you a serious injury. If you fall while riding a public bus or train, or if you are struck by one, it is important to know what to do so that you don't end up having to foot a medical bill that wasn't your fault. Here is what to do when you suffer an injury at the hands of public transit. 

1. Seek immediate medical attention. 

This one may be obvious, but when you've just sustained an injury, things can become a blur quickly. If possible, call an emergency number yourself, or have someone call an ambulance or drive you to a local treatment facility. Make sure to be seen by a doctor for all of your injuries, and include an account of what happened to your doctor. This not only can save you from further pain down the road, but the documentation by your doctor of the accident will greatly help your case if you decide to go to court. 

2. Get a solid account of the event. 

Once you are on the road to recovery, you need to formulate a plan to make sure that your situation is sorted out from a legal standpoint. The most important step in this process is getting a clear idea of what happened so that a judge or jury can follow along. Returning to the scene of the accident and procuring as much evidence as possible is key here, as that will do more for you than a verbal account. Eyewitnesses will help your case greatly, just make sure you have a reliable way to contact them if need be. 

3. Call a personal injury attorney. 

Everything you've done up to this point is about as far as you can get on your own. To bring your planning to fruition, and make sure that you get justice, contact a specialized personal injury attorney. These professionals spend years learning how best to make sure that your case is strong and that you get what you deserve. He or she will be able to take what you've collected in the days since the event and present it in a courtroom to ensure that you are rightly compensated for your injury. 

While nobody wants to think about the possibility of being injured at the hands of the public transportation system, the reality is that these accidents happen every once in a while. Knowing what to do in this instance is key to getting justice when all is said and done, and making sure that you are rightly given what you deserve after going through such an ordeal. Talk to experts like Sharkey Gregory V Attorney for more information.